Barton Music Makers

How it all began

It's amazing that the desire for a new musical challenge by an experienced and accomplished choral leader should result in a community chorus of nearly 100 singers and the creation of other musical opportunities for Barton and beyond.

In the spring of 2014 Stephen Taylor approached a few people proposing the idea of starting a 'music group' in the village to encourage singing and other musical activities. All responses were extremely positive so following the formation of a committee an initial public meeting was held on Monday, 30th June 2014 to gauge interest from within the village for such a venture. To everyone's surprise 65 people expressed their enthusiasm to become involved in these exciting new musical opportunities.

The intended 'three elements' discussed were:
- a community chorus
- musical events raising funds for charity
- trips to professional concerts

First to take shape was the community chorus, to be known as The Bar-Tones.  Due to members preference and the availability of the Village Hall a Thursday evening was chosen as the most convenient time for rehearsals and the first meeting was held on Thursday 10th July 2014.

The name of the whole organisation had also been discussed for many weeks and various suggestions had come forward. Peter Craddock, a founder member, had suggested Barton Music Makers: a simple but brilliant choice!

It was decided that an annual membership fee should be set at £15 for all members and this remains unchanged.

We had no other funding from any source, but were much encouraged when a Founder Membership category was suggested to raise some initial capital with a minimum donation of £10 being set. Sixty-eight people donated a total of £1,085 and we remain grateful for that support which came at a time when we had no idea if or how Barton Music Makers would evolve! By the date of our first AGM in October 2015 we had 90 chorus members and 26 non-singing members. Our membership today (August 2018) has grown, in total, to about 140.

Apart from the singing, The Bar-Tones and Barton Music Makers as a whole, has become a great asset to the community life of the village. Many new friendships have been made and new members are instantly made to feel welcome.